TechShop Inside! — Powered by Fujitsu brings the TechShop experience to YOU

TechShop Inside! — Powered by Fujitsu is a mobile makerspace for students of all ages

As part of a joint initiative between TechShop and Fujitsu to foster education in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM), TechShop Inside! — Powered by Fujitsu will offer students hands-on activities and access to technologies for learning by making to deliver a truly integrated, hands-on environment that will foster an empowering experience at each school that TechShop Inside! — Powered by Fujitsu visits.

Mark Hatch and Tango Matsumoto, corporate senior vice president of Fujitsu Limited
From children to teachers and other mentors, people find making things fascinating and a fun way to learn ... When we show people how easy it is to create in a way that helps them understand the process, they become more curious, engaged and genuinely interested in learning more.  - Mark Hatch, TechShop CEO

STEAM in the media

TechShop Inside! — Powered by Fujitsu, a mobile makerspace to bring a “learning by making” experience to students of all ages

February 3rd, 2015
In an effort to get students and the community interested in science and technology, Fujitsu has partnered with TechShop to create a mobile makerspace. Housed in a moving 24-foot trailer, "TechShop Inside -- Powered by Fujitsu" is equipped with building and prototyping technologies to teach students 3D printing, laser cutting, CAD design on Fujitsu laptops and tablets, welding, and more.
December 5th, 2014
TechShop Inside! – Powered by Fujitsu, bringing a learning by making experience to students of all ages
November 12th, 2014
Giving students access to high-tech, hands-on learning opportunities continues to be a priority. Additionally, technology allows for increased creativity and can promote the type of innovative thinking that will help us solve the world’s great challenges.  The “Maker” Movement continues to emerge as the collective push forward for this...
October 7th, 2014
A makerspace should be a true community resource. One of the overriding principles we use at TechShop in pursuing our mission of helping to drive global innovation by engaging, enabling and empowering people to build their dreams is to make the space open to as broad of an audience as possible.

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